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Quality Assurance

The Rehabilitation Network’s Case Managers are all experienced and qualified in their own professions. However, all reports produced are quality checked for appropriate content, relevant recommendations, goals and costs before being released to the referring parties. We aim to provide services through collaborative work and feedback, research and continuous improvement.

The Rehabilitation Network’s Case Managers are supervised to ensure that they provide a service that is consistent with relevant legislative requirements, including the Disability Discrimination and the Data Protection Act, and with our own Service Standards and industry guidelines including the Rehabilitation Code.

Best Practice

The Rehabilitation Network operates a ‘best practice’ assessment and case management model. Our assessments and reports are designed to assist with return, as near as possible, to pre-disability condition or status, or alternative work in accordance with industry guidelines. We work to the principles of the UK Rehabilitation Council’s Rehabilitation Standards.

Guidelines for solicitors and insurers for dealing with claims and an independent assessment process were developed and are implemented through the Rehabilitation Code. This is a set of best practice guidelines on the rehabilitation, early intervention and medical treatment in personal injury claims which recognises that early rehabilitation intervention and assistance with job retention/finding alternative employment improve a claimant´s quality of life and long-term prospects.

In all motor and personal injury claims The Rehabilitation Network operates within the guidelines of The Rehabilitation Code 2015.

Prompt and efficient response

The Rehabilitation Network has efficient procedures for accepting, recording and allocating referrals, case and caseload management systems and tracking and quality assurance mechanisms.

Privacy and protection of confidential information

We recognise and comply with the requirements laid down by the the Data Protection Act (DPA 2018) and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR 2018).  We also recognise that individuals have a right of access to reports relating to themselves provided by medical practitioners under the Access to Medical Reports Act (1988).


At the end of rehabilitation service provision, we will ask referrers and clients for feedback.

The Rehabilitation Network is happy to collect and provide any reasonable and relevant data for referring bodies and welcomes constructive feedback.