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Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Case Management focuses on providing advice, support and guidance to individuals who are having difficulty returning to work due to their injury, illness or disability. These services are offered alongside the medical rehabilitation case management services or independently in cases where an individual does not require any medical intervention or co-ordination by The Rehabilitation Network’s Case Manager.

The Rehabilitation Network advocates a proactive approach to vocational rehabilitation as early as possible, working with the individual to facilitate a timely, safe, appropriate and sustainable return to employment. This may be either with their current employer or a new employer. Our vocational rehabilitation services are closely connected with the ongoing medical management of each person’s rehabilitation and our Initial Needs Assessments will normally identify the current situation and any transferable skills. If the individual can return to their existing employer in the same or an alternative role, we can work with all parties to facilitate a workplace assessment if needed and develop a graduated return to work programme. If the individual cannot return to their existing role or employer, The Rehabilitation Network’s Case Managers will work to identify appropriate vocational goals in line with medical limitations, employment and training background. We will then determine applicable transferable skills to help identify the most appropriate pathway back to work within medical guidelines.

This may include:

Functional and psychometric assessment to determine aptitude, interest, skills and personality.

Vocational counselling to support the individual, including CV preparation and job application help if necessary.

Workplace assessments and onsite support.

Joint working with statutory and voluntary services.