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Our Services    

The Rehabilitation Network initially identifies rehabilitation needs by visiting and assessing the injured person in their own home, or in hospital if the injury is very recent, and where appropriate accessing reports and medical records of treatment to date to complete an Immediate Needs Assessment. We then provide a report and, if required, rehabilitation plan with relevant recommendations. If our recommendations are accepted we can organise and co-ordinate medical and therapeutic treatment and, if necessary, may work with employers to help people back to work.  We work with both the public and private sector, speeding up recovery by using private facilities to avoid delays if necessary.  We provide continuing support and assistance for the injured or disabled person.  The Rehabilitation Network’s Case Managers are experienced in assessment, case management and return to work programming and monitoring. They consult with all relevant parties and provide progress reports for the duration of the programme. Our Case Managers can deal with industrial issues within the workplace, recommend ‘reasonable adjustments’ and can assist to identify alternative work when a client cannot return to their pre-injury duties.

Our services include any or all the following, as required by our customers:


Completion of face-to-face and telephone Immediate Needs Assessments and Reports, Occupational Therapy Assessments and Reports, and other services as requested by Customers


Sourcing and sub-contracting of external Treatment Providers through our own panel of registered practitioners and provision of a wide range of treatments including Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Occupational Therapy, and various Psychological Therapies.


Ongoing medical and vocational face-to-face and/or telephone Case Management for each Claimant as required.


Provision of regular progress reports where appropriate summarising progress made for each Claimant during the rehabilitation programme.


Additional services as required by customers, such as Return to Work Assessments, Worksite Assessments, Neuropsychological Assessments.

We can supply or arrange for the provision of the full range of ccupational rehab services.

Our reports include costed rehabilitation plans with estimates for Case Management, projected costs for assessment and treatment by external providers, and can include anticipated costs of equipment or adaptations.

We aim to deliver an assessment report to the customer within 6 weeks of receipt of the referral; normally within 4 weeks.

Our rates are competitive and transparent – assessments and reports are flat-rated, Case Management and other therapeutic services are charged at hourly rates. A summary of our Terms of Business is available to download.

Please contact us for more information including our fees and to discuss the referral process and our full Terms of Business Agreement.