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Welcome to The Rehabilitation Network

The Rehabilitation Network is a leading provider of professional Immediate Needs Assessment, Rehabilitation Case Management and employment services to the insurance industry, solicitors, corporate and private clients. We are committed to ensuring that anyone who requires rehabilitation in the UK has access to quality and effective services from medical through to vocational assistance.

When someone has suffered a serious personal injury including multiple orthopaedic injuries, amputation, spinal injury or traumatic brain injury, we can help provide valuable immediate needs assessment of their specific needs and co-ordination of medical rehabilitation through case management.

When an injured person is affected psychologically and emotionally by their injuries or by the trauma, we can source and coordinate appropriate psychological treatment and support.

If an injured or disabled person needs home adaptations or equipment to support independence, we can provide occupational therapy assessments and source equipment, and even provide one-to-one occupational therapy.

When an injured or disabled person is in need of assistance with returning to work, we can help with assessment, graduated returns to work, and vocational assistance if retraining and alternative employment is needed. The Rehabilitation Network can provide a nationwide, cost-effective, competitively priced and efficient tailored case management service to meet the needs of an injured or disabled person with highly qualified and experienced Case.


Our customers: Insurers – Motor, Personal Injury, Income Protection, Life and Health; Employers; Solicitors; Private clients.